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Uluwatu Temple
Uluwatu Temple – is a temple builded on the top of the cliff on the Southern of Bali island located at the Pecatu village.
The Uluwatu temple well know with the most best and beautiful sunset to see from top of the cliff. If we visit during the day time we will see the stunning cliff view and the roud side of the temple it’s look like miniature of the china wall. There are a group’s monkey with long tile species leave and hang around the temple area.
Be very careful with your belongings if you gone visit the suround area of the Temple because some of the monkey are very naughty. They will take anything to get their food, such as sunglasses, earrings, mobile phones, so keep good care of your belongings. There also a traditional Balinese dance performance on the Southern side of the Temple this dance with very well known called Kecak Dance, I witches the story of the dance was colaborated from story of Rama Yana.
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