Kintamani Full Day Tour that will Amaze You

Kintamani full day tour is renowned for its stunning and picturesque panorama that will amaze anybody. Therefore, many tourists flock to enjoy the relaxing ambiance as well as learning Balinese culture in Kintamani.

It is really as exciting as Jimbaran activities tour. To make sure you have a great time in Bali, Dipabalitour has a special offer for you – Kintamani full-day tour.


Watching Barong and Keris Traditional Dance

bali-barong-keris-danceTo begin with, you will be escorted to Batubulan village where you can enjoy one of the most iconic traditional dances in Bali – Barong and Keris dance.

This dance tells you about the classical tale entitled Calon Arang. It is the story of the good which is represented by Barong and the evil which is represented by a vengeful witch queen, Rangda.

When the audiences are seated, the gamelan – a traditional music instrument – begins to play along with some actors acting as some playful monkeys. After that, the Barong, acted out by two men wearing a heavy costume, enters the stage. And that is when the story begins to unfold.

Since the drama is lack of dialogues, or you can’t even find any dialogue at all, you will find yourself perplexed. But, don’t worry! You will get some pamphlets that contain the whole story of this drama at the ticket booth right before the show begins.

Batuan Village on Kintamani Full Day Tour

The next destination is Batuan village. Batuan village consists of traditional Balinese houses that still use tradi- bali-batuan-villagetional equipment to support the lives of the dwellers. This is also a place where you can find various beautiful handicrafts, paintings, and silvers.

They are made by Balinese traditionally. You can stroll around the village to observe and learn how they make such splendid handicrafts. If you are interested in buying them, make sure that you bargain them beforehand.


Tegallalang Rice Terraces

Your next destination is Tegallalang rice terraces. This is a super cool place with dramatic landscape that will never fail to amaze you. You will be indulged with the view of rice terraces sloping down the valley. The cool breeze and fresh air will wipe your tiredness away. You can even sip some fresh coconut water while enjoying the spectacular scenery.

kintamani full day tourThis place is such a paradise for avid photographer and painter, even for those who are crazy about taking selfie. You can take some beautiful pictures and show them off on Instagram so that your friends will envy you.

In addition to a stunning panorama, you will also find some art kiosks and cafes that sell various kinds of snacks and beverages. You will also find some woven hats offered by the farmer who owns the lands. If you are going to buy them, you will surely be skillful enough at bargaining.

Having Lunch while Enjoying the Spectacular Landscape of Mount Batur

It is afternoon already and thus it is time for lunch. To make an epic lunch just like what people usually Jimbaran activities tour, Dipabalitour escorts you to one of the buffet Indonesia restaurants near Mount Batur. It is a nice restaurant with scenic beauty and scrumptious foods and beverages that will create an unforgettable lunch for you.

Mount Batur is an active volcano that provides the view of the black lava and a prominent lake named Batur Lake. The view is really relaxing and calming as well as picturesque. You can take as many pictures as you can so that the relaxing ambiance can be conjured up even when you are back to your country.

Coffee Plantation

Apparently Kintamani has very versatile soil. Not only rice, but also cocoa and coconut  trees thrive very well. And if you are into slurping a cup of aromatic coffee and tea, Dipabalitour will escort you to a coffee plantation.

During this tour, you will observe and learn how coffee and tea are processed from the coffee beans and fresh tea leaves to a cup of mouthwatering coffee and tea. You will also have the chance to sip the prominent and expensive coffee – Luwak coffee. You will also have the chance to see how a civet cat (luwak) produce this coffee.

A little tip for you before visiting this coffee plantation, you should give the tea a try. Balinese tends to concoct the tea with various herbs which make it taste extremely awesome.

Tirta Empul Temple

Bali-Tirta-Empul-TempleYour last destination of this tour package is Tirta Empul temple. This is the place where Hindus in Bali do purification cleansing. They believe if they purify themselves with the holy water found in this temple, they will be able to reduce the effect of the evil spirit.

Therefore, Balinese use this holy spring water regularly. When entering this temple, you will be amazed by archeological relics that denote the local myths and legends.

You will also have to dress respectfully when visiting this place. A piece of traditional dress code called kamen has been prepared for you.

There are a lot of things that you mustn’t miss in Kintamani. Therefore, make sure that you book a Kintamani full-day tour package at Dipabalitour because we ensure your tour in Kintamani is as interesting as Jimbaran activities tour.