Bali is a heaven for many surfers. But if you want to spend your holiday in a quieter place with spectacular view, Lovina Bali Dolphin and beach will be your safe bet.

Dipabalitour offers you an unforgettable trip on Lovina beach because you can enjoy sunrise while watching dolphins. Read on to find what you can get if you book this tour package.

What You Need to Know About Lovina

Lovina consists of smaller beaches located in the North Bali regency of Buleleng. The name Lovina is not derived from Balinese since the sound /v/ is hardly used in the local alphabet. Lovina was the name of the very first resort in that beach which only had 3 guestrooms.

Lovina resort was built by Anak Agung Panji Tisna – the late Buleleng noble as well as Balinese author – in 1953. The name Lovina is derived from “Love” and “Indonesia” which is later used to refer to the whole coastline in that area.

Then, the resort has now turned into Lovina Beach Hotel.

Lovina is not as crowded as Kuta beach. Therefore, it can make a pretty good
alternative for your holiday especially if you want to spend your holiday in a quieter place. You will find calmer waves that wash your footprints on the black-sand shores gently.

If you are interested in photography, Lovina is what you are looking for. The splendid landscape will make you want to stay there for a bit longer. You will also find a remarkable landmark of Lovina – a single towering dolphin statue.

The statue embodies the particular charm that this beach has. And that charm is dolphins. You can encounter various species of dolphins in Lovina. The most popular one is the dark-skinned spinner dolphins. They are usually seen all year, except from February to April when irregular wind and heavy rains occur frequently.

Enjoying Sunrise and Lovina Bali Dolphin with Dipabalitour

lovina-sunrise-bali-tourDipabalitour knows how to make an epic one-day tour. Therefore, it has arranged your epic trip on Lovina thoroughly.

In the early morning, you will be picked up by a guide who will escort you to Lovina.

When arriving at Lovina, you will take a traditional boat and be guided by locals that know Lovina well. They will show you some spots in which you can find some dolphins showing up. You might want to get your gear camera to be ready all the time because the dolphins will breach the water in a very short time. You do not want to miss thatspecial moment, do you?

While watching swimming dolphins, you will also be amazed by the spectacular view of sunrise. It is so romantic that it can conjure up the romantic moments that you had with your beloved one. Do not forget to take some pictures with the sunrise backdrop as they will look great on your Instagram.

Gitgit Waterfall

You begin your wonderful trip by enjoying sunrise and the swimming dolphins, but that is not the end of it. You still have many things to do and some places to visit to spend your holiday. One of them is the breathtaking view of Gitgit waterfall.

Gitgit waterfall will be your next destination after visiting Lovina. It is such a great place especially if you are bored lovina bali dolphinwith beaches. Gitgit waterfall is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Bali which is located only 10 kilometers from Singaraja.

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If you leave for Gitgit from Kuta, you only need drive north. Since Gitgit is near Lovina, it is usually included in the itinerary of Lovina. Dipabalitour
does not want you to miss this moment. Therefore, it ensures you the best tour package that includes Gitgit waterfall.

To reach Gitgit waterfalls, you will be guided to walk down into the lush ravine for several minutes. When reaching the base of the waterfall, you will be amazed by the 40 meters cascade that pours the water constantly into a rocky pool. You will feel the cool breeze and splash there. One thing for sure, you will be pleased by the spectacular view so do not forget to get your camera ready.

Twin Lakes Buyan and Tamblingan

Twin Lakes Buyan and TamblinganAfter taking some marvelous pictures in Gitgit waterfalls and feeling the fresh air and water, you will be escorted to the next destination which also provides splendid panorama – twin lakes Buyan and Tamblingan.

Lake Buyan and Tamblingan are called twin lakes because they are two different lakes separated by a hill which look alike. Again, this is a great place to take a selfie because the natural beauty of the lakes and the hill are still virgin meaning modernity has not altered them much. And, of course, the natural beauty of the twin lakes is picturesque.

Ulun Danu Temple

Your last destination of this Lovina Bali Dolphin one-day tour is Ulun Danu temple. Ulun Danu temple is a significant temple complex that you can find on the western side of the Beratan lake. As a temple complex, you can find many historical temples built to worship the main Hindu trinity – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

ulun-danu-temple-bali-tourIn addition to many unique temples, Ulun Danu temple is also surrounded with beautiful and colorful flowers which make it a picturesque spot. It is also a great place for you learn about Balinese’s cultures and history.

Dipabalitour has always provided marvelous tour for you including this one-day tour which is began with the incredible sunrise on Lovina and ended with picturesque and hostirical temples in Ulun Danu temple. So, what are you waiting for? Book this tour package now only at