Ubud is one of the must-visit towns in Bali. Therefore, Dipabalitour includes Ubud in your tour in Bali. You can find a lot of incredible things that can make you beam with pleasure and excitement.

To make sure that you will not miss the joy, Dipabalitour has arranged a travel package around Ubud for you. Check this out to find what you will get.

Tour in Bali (Ubud Tour) with Dipa Bali Tour

Batuan Temple

The first destination of your trip is Batuan temple which is located in the village oftour-in-batuan-temple-bali
Batuan. It is a prominent landmark in this village and thus many tourists visit it to learn
Balinese culture and heritage.

When you step into Batuan temple through the huge gate, you will be amazed by what
you will find inside. A lot of ancient shrines that have stood for centuries can be found at
every corner of this site.

The spectacular architectures of typical Balinese temples that features the reliefs of
mythical Balinese figures are the main draws of Batuan temple. The temple features
exposed beamed ceiling that look glamorous and sacred with gold gilded.

To enter this temple, you are going to be asked to wear sash and cloth around your
waist. It is a kind of cumpolsory.

Ubud Monkey Forest

After exploring some attractive mythical Balinese reliefs, you will be escorted to a prominent Ubud attraction – Ubud monkey forest.

It is really a must-visit place in Ubud. Even if a tourist is taking a one-day tour in Ubud, he must not miss this place because it is amazing. The name of this forest denotes what you can come across inside it. And you are right! You will be amused by lots of playful 3
monkeys swinging from one tree to another, lounging on the pathways, perching on a tree, or tucking some bananas away. You can enjoy interacting with them right in their natural habitat.

Not only will you find a lot of monkeys, but also some attracting statues and relics that are partly covered by moss, making them look like ancient things. You will also find the village funerals called Pura Prajapati. There is also a picturesque mossy dragon bridge consisting of some staircases that lie beneath Banyan tree roots, making the staircases look mysterious yet stunning.

Before visiting Ubud monkey forest, you need to make sure that you keep your jewelry and sunglasses in your backpack or you just leave them in the hotel since the monkeys are likely to snatch them. They are interested in your loose jewelry and think that it might be edible.

Ubud Center and Ubud Market

Now it’s time for shopping!

After exploring Ubud monkey forest, you will have a chance to visit Ubud center andmarket-in-ubud-tour-bali
Ubud market.

Ubud market – also known as Pasar Seni Ubud – is a place where you can find a
breadth of Balinese handicrafts from the exotic ones to modern ones. This is absolutely
a great place for you to refresh your mind while hunting for some souvenirs for your
friends and family.

The handicrafts that you encounter in Ubud market is usually made in Pengosekan,
Peliatan, Tegallalang, and Payangan village. They can really make some great
handicrafts such as silk scarves, handmade woven bags, lightweight shirts, kites, statues, hats, baskets, and many other mind-blowing souvenirs. No wonder it is a must- visit shopping center when you are having a tour in Bali.

All the goods sold in this market does not feature barcodes. Therefore, make sure that you bargain for it so that you will not pay through the nose. And do not forget to bring some cash.

Lunch Time

Have I mentioned that Ubud is the paradise for foodies? There are a lot of things that you can try out. And Balinese traditional foods must be in your list. The concoction of various kinds of seasoning makes them taste exotic and extremely good.

If you are not used to eating Balinese foods, don’t fret! A breadth of delectable western foods is ready for you. They taste exactly the same as the ones that you usually have in your country.

Are you a vegan? You still have the rights to explore the mouthwatering foods in Ubud as some foods are vegan-friendly. They exclude any animal products, yet they are still scrumptious.

Goa Gajah Temple

After having lunch, your journey will be continued to Goa Gajah (Elephant cave). The name might make you think that this is a place where elephants dwell. Well, the truth is, you will not find any elephants here.

Goa Gajah is a historical site with magnificent reliefs and statues that are partly covered with moss. You will find some bathing pools, fountains, a central meditational cave, rock-wall carvings, and some art and souvenir shops as well as some refreshment

Tegenungan Waterfall

We save the best one for the last – Tegenungan waterfall. Here you can refresh your mind while invigorating your body with the super fresh water framed with natural landscape.


You will also find some art and souvenir shops, and some ‘warungs’ that sell snacks and cold drinks. This is such a great place to end your journey of the day.

If you don’t want to miss all of these attractions, book this package now at Dipabalitour and enjoy your unforgettable tour in Bali with us.

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