If you are really into extreme sports that can get your adrenaline flowing and make you beam with excitement, you must book White River Rafting Bali and Ubud tour at Dipabalitour. Read on to find out what you will get if you book this tour package.

White River Rafting Bali

There are a lot of extreme sports that you can find in Bali. One of them is white-river rafting on Ayung river.

Ayung river is considered to be sacred for Balinese. But for tourists, it is a river that packs a lot of fun and adventures.

white river rafting bali

Along the stream, you will be amazed by the spectacular landscape of Ayung river since it flows through the natural forest. You will not only find the mind-blowing view that can make you gobsmacked, but also some monkeys that are swinging and jumping from one tree to another.

You will not find any music when going white-water rafting. You will find some birds which are chirping and flying around the forest and river, instead. You will also find the beautiful waterfall as the backdrop of your adventure, which is what makes it worth trying and exploring. No wonder many tourists are crazy about experiencing white-river rafting on Ayung river.

If this is the first time you go white-river rafting, you do not need to worry because Dipabalitour ensures your safety to the utmost care. You will be guided by a professional. Before starting the rafting, he will brief you and check all the safety equipment. He will also accompany you during your trip on Ayung river.

Make sure that you pay attention to all the safety instructions delivered by the guide. Ayung river is 6 miles and the rafting takes approximately 2 hours. When reaching the finish, you will have a chance to tuck away some delectable foods for your lunch before moving to your next destination – Sanctuary Ubud Monkey Forest.

Ubud Monkey Forest

Ubud monkey forest is located in Padangtegal. It is one of must-visit tourism spots in Bali. Therefore, Dipabalitour includes it in this tour package so that you will not miss it.

The name of this forest denotes what you will see here. This small forest is inhabited by monkey-forest-ubud-baliapproximately 700 gray long-tailed macaques that you can interact with. They are such playful monkeys that will amuse you with their natural behavior in their natural habitat such as swinging on the trees, lounging along the pathways, and feeding on bananas.

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If you think that the only one attraction you can find in this forest is the playful monkeys, you might be interested in learning a historical temple that makes it sacred – Pura Dalem Agung Padangtegal. You will also find the village funerals – Pura Prajapati.

Some parts of the forest feature paved pathways that will guide your steps to the spectacular views of the interesting sites. There are also some captivating guardian statues which are partly covered in moss that you will not miss. Not to mention the enormous trees hindering the sunlight that makes the forest look mysterious.

If you visit this forest, make sure that you keep your belongings in your bags. Do not show some snacks to the monkeys because they like snatching tourists’ belongings and foods.

Tegallalang Rice Terraces


This will be your next destination – Tegallalang Rice Terraces. It offers a stunning view of paddy fields along with the subak (traditional irrigation system discovered by a holy man named Rsi Markandeya in the eighth century).

When visiting this spot, you will be entertained with the spectacular view of the rice paddies and the fresh air of the breeze. You can take some pictures and show them off  on your Instagram. If you are keen on painting, this is a great place for you to picture your imagination.

The exquisite landscape of Tegallalang was also captured in a movie starred by Julia Robert entitled Eat, Pray, Love. If you love this movie, you should visit this place to conjure up the romantic scenes you found in it.

You will also find some cafes here. It will be great to stop by in one of those cafes, slurp the coconut water while enjoying the scenery. Doesn’t it sound great?

Tegenungan Waterfall

Your last destination of this one-day tour is Tegenungan waterfall.bali-tegenungan-waterfall-tour

Unlike most of waterfalls which are located on an upland which makes the waterfall look so high, Tegenungan waterfall is not too high. It is less than 15 meters only. However, this is a strong and energetic waterfall despite the height. The water is clean and clear so that you can enjoy the fresh water while swimming.

Tegenungan waterfall does not only provide the fresh and clean water, but also breathtaking scenery that you can find around it. If you want to see the waterfall closer, you will need to go down the stairs and go along Tukad Petanu.

Besides swimming, there are many things that you can do here. You can jump over the waterfall to get your adrenaline flowing. However, you are not recommended to do it since there is not any lifeguards here. But, one thing for sure. You can take some beautiful pictures and show them off to your friends and relatives. They will definitely envy you.

Go Back to The Hotel

Since Tegenungan waterfall is your last destination of this White River Rafting Bali tour package, you will be escorted to the hotel. Although it is a one-day tour, you will be satisfied with the thrilling activities offered by Dipabalitour including the unforgettable experience of white river rafting and Ubud tour.